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This year we really goofed up, we spent so much time enjoying our mushroom hunting and foraging for plants and making videos for youtube and things we didn’t gather enough wood to keep us warm. I know its a learning experience. We had an open fireplace stove as well as our cook stove. Our shelter was okay in the summer but was not enclosed for the winter. Once it got below 40 it was not warm enough to stay out there even with both stoves burning. We had about 3 cords but it was not enough to run all the stoves.

Our outside open front wood stove.

We decided to put our mobile home approved stove in our 5th wheel trailer. I removed one window at the end of the tip out for the front room. I cut a piece of plywood to cover the window and cut a hole the size of our insulated pipe. I put a pipe with a bend then another bend going up for about 8 feet. This made a good draw and made such a difference in the trailer. We tried to use our propane furnace last year but it would drain our batteries halfway through the night and we would wake up in 35 degree temps in the 5th wheel.

We realized we burned to much wood in our outdoor kitchen area and did not have enough to last the winter months. So I had to cut down several trees and we even bought some of those pressed logs. It made such a difference with the stove in the trailer, in fact, it got almost 95 degrees at times and drove us out. we learned a lot about what wood works best and even used some green wood when money was a problem. The last week it has been down to 2 and 3 degrees at night and with the wood, we have now it does not make enough heat to offset the cold and all the drafts and just basically the trailer not insulated enough for this weather or temperature.

It seems all that could go wrong has gone wrong. Water cistern froze and so did our water totes. The snowblower we use to clear our driveway broke on our first big snow storm. The roof on our shed collapsed in one spot and had to be repaired and the roof on our old cabin we use to store stuff in blew off in spots and ripped the metal roof. I have a snowblade for my 4 wheeler but did not get a chance to get it installed. Our pig died as well as 3 meat rabbits and about 5 chickens. So this next summer we will be planning things a little better but when your retirement income barely covers just simple survival for our family it leaves no room for spending sprees for wood, parts for snowblowers or 4 wheelers. So plan ahead people the winter is unforgiving.

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