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We were out doing our normal Morel hunting and ran into these yummy devils. Here in North Idaho, they grow in the dark forests and you can spot them when they poke out of the floor rubble as they grow. Beware some people get the green apple quick step or tummy pains from these. The Coral Mushroom (Genus Ramaria).  Eat this guy in the spring and stay away from the ones in the fall as they will make you sick and severe upset tummy and sometimes poisoning and never eat any red ones or any that have a slimy fluid coming out of them.

I cook them along with my Morels sauteed in butter and garlic they take the Morels flavor and are great. They are white to a yellow or tan color, don’t eat any red ones or any color other than the ones I said. They are very delicate and fall apart easily and are hard to get the dirt out of their crown. They are similar to the Cauliflower mushroom but it has more flat crown tips.

I plan on making a Morel, Coral, and Bolete mushroom soup. You can put the Corals in soups and anything you would put mushrooms in, they go bad fast so either freeze them or dry them if you have a good dehydrator. It is said to cut the stems off and just use the crown of the Corals but I slice the whole mushroom into thin big pieces and I love the stock.

Check out this big guy I found in the dark woods growing by some Coral mushrooms biggest Morel I have found.



  1. I live in the same general area, and my job took me through the mountains all around here.

    You don’t want to cut the stems off. That is exactly backward. You want to cut off any parts that seem overly woody, but also any parts that are discolored. So the yellow or brown parts have to go. Just keep the white.

    That is also useful because the end branches are damned hard to clean anyway.

    I know that with these bad boys that’s a lot to throw away, but I’ve found some in the Selkirks that were easily over 2 pounds.

    1. Hello again, I have read that a lot to cut off the stems but I don’t, its one of my favorite mushrooms. You can clean most mushrooms but you will get a little dirt anyway its just part of the game. We usually get several pounds so cleaning up and getting a good bunch for dinner is no big deal to us.
      Thanks for your comment Lonny always love hearing from other shroom hunters.

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