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We were out doing our Morel mushroom hunts among other mushrooms when we stumbled upon these cute little white puffball mushrooms. They have to be peeled and then sliced so you want the bigger ones you can find.

You can see the skin on top starting to develop the speckled design this species of puffball has.

When you find them look at them and feel them they should have some density to them and if they are soft more then likely they are too old and unedible. Once you cut them in half they need to be pure white inside. No browns or any darkening. Cut them open and be sure they have no gills as it could be an Amanita or death angel, puffballs are solid with no gills. Some are marble size and some get as large as basketballs. They tend to take the flavor of what you cook them with and alone taste like fried egg whites. When the puffball matures it splits open, or a perforation develops on the surface of the ball, through which the spores escape–when raindrops land on the puffball, via air currents, or by some other means.

The puffball can be found almost anywhere sometimes on the side of trails in the middle of the road and off the trails where sticks and debris accumulate.  The giant puffball is lots better to find and can be cooked like a steak sliced thick on a BBQ I have not had the pleasure of finding the giant yet but I am still working on it. If you do find a bunch of the small marble size one I just cut them in half and fry them in butter and garlic with salt and pepper no need to peel them this size.

very young puffball
You can see the puffball mushroom bottom right. along with a nice meal of Black Morels.


  1. One of the few accurate posts I’ve seen about puffballs.

    Get ’em while they’re young. Definitely. Solid white inside, or toss it aside.

    And while, like many mushrooms, they tend to grow in sterile environments, that says nothing about chemicals. So you might not want to eat the ones you find in your lawn or by the roadside. Just sayin’.

    1. Hello thanks for the comment. Im not sure I would eat any mushroom in town or highly populated areas. Like you said chemicals and car exhaust.

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