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It’s that time of year that we give thanks and celebrate life and enjoy our families. So since we are off grid a few things change, we can hunt a turkey for Thanksgiving or just buy one at a store in town. We went ahead and got one at the store this year and cooked it in our old Majestic oven. We had a wild turkey last year and we didnt care much for the bird. It was really tough and the tendons do not get tender like a store bought turkey. We plan on raising some of our own Turkeys for that reason. One step at a time, we just updated our chicken population and they are way past due to lay eggs so we wait.

Its a bit different for Christmas for us too as we love having a tree but running lights on the tree take away from our valuable solar resources. We just added two new RV batteries to our battery grid and will add two more around the first of the year. Solar is a bit of a learning process. When the weather turns cold we all end up inside the trailer together around the wood stove staying warm. I put our trailer approved wood stove in the trailer since last year using the furnace that runs on propane kills us on fuel costs and really goes through the propane. I installed a wood stove and it will make it up in the 80’s range and even when we lived in a house on natural gas I could never afford to keep the heat up that high. It’s nice to be comfortable. we plan on putting some solar Christmas lights on a tree outside our window so we can see them from the trailer.

I want to wish everyone a Happy belated Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

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