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Here is a couple Tom’s coming to our driveway looking for corn, I fed these guys when they were babies last year.

We always look forward to it getting warmer but up here on the mountain where the snow gets 5 feet deep during the winter, the warmer temps just cause a bunch of mud and it doesn’t stay sunny and warm up quickly enough the mud gets deeper and deeper. If the sun stays out and it’s not too cloudy the breakup only lasts a couple weeks.

We get excited watching all the posts about all the Morels popping up around the lower elevations. Its been raining a lot on top of average 40-degree temps during the night so this mushroom season may be a very good one. Last year was a bit dry and didn’t work for most of the mushrooms.

We are seeing a lot of the brain mushrooms or false morels. I am also looking forward to the fiddlehead ferns they are so yummy fried in butter and garlic with sprinkles of salt and pepper. If you know a mountain stream these guys will be all over and easy pickings. clip the fiddle top off clean away any of the brown dried ferns and rinse with clean water and fry…..YUMMY!

The term “fiddlehead ferns” is a general description of any number of species, which might include Lady fern (Athyrium filix-femina), Ostricth fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris), shield fern (Dryopteris dilatata), and Bracken fern (Pteridium aquilinum).

Taken from Wikipedia, I will replace with my own photo soon.

Just another reminder there are tons of people who jump the gun and put pictures of mushrooms that are not edible and can cause stomach pain green apple quick step and failure of kidneys and liver then death! Don’t’ just eat anything get on a mushroom ID page of Facebook take pictures of the mushroom on top the side and under the cap. Tell a story of where you found it where it was growing, ground or on a rotten log what trees are nearby and if its dry or around a stream or water.

We are looking forward to lobster, hen of the woods, chicken of the woods and many of the mushrooms we are yet to discover and we will share them all with you and our research and where and how to identify. Every mushroom we say we are eating has been documented and studied and pictures posted to a mushroom forum or FB ID page. There are even mushroom groups you can go and look at their meetings. Be very sure before they go past your lips, you can even chew a small bit and spit out. If its bitter or you can feel it causing your lip or tongue to swell and its a bad one.

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