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Hi, everyone well I’m back to it after a bunch of busy stuff. We wanted to write about winter and all the snow we get up here. We are at 4 feet and this is a light winter. I started off our first year with an old snow blower a Montgomery Ward built in the early ’80s. I paid 50 bucks for it since the seller, a woman whose husband had passed a year or two before. It had not been used just sat in the garage.

I looked it over it had good compression and was in pretty good shape. There no gas in the tank it was dry and clean. We brought it home and since the tank was clean I just tried adding gas and it fired right up. I used this snowblower up until last winter when it threw a belt.

I have since ordered several belts that don’t fit and are too long. I am kicking myself in the ass for not buying either a truck with a snow plow. An old tractor with a blade. It was okay for the first three years since our neighbor who claimed an easement. Which allowed them to cross our property to get to the main road. They used to use their truck and plow to do the driveway.

We did some research and found there was no easement and no right to cross our land. So do I block our land and give up the neighbor plowing? or block it and do our own snow removal. The long story short we told them no more access. It seemed like it kinda pissed them off but now we have our privacy back.

The trouble is the snow blower does ok, if the snow is not to wet or heavy. If it is it just plugs the flute the snow flies out of. So if you are serious get the right tools up front before you run into trouble. Beat the deep snow or just homestead in Arizona or Texas……LOL.

You need to get good chains that fit the tires you have on your car or truck, get some chains for whatever you use for snow removal. Snowblower, Quad with a plow or snow plow truck. We got stuck in our own driveway just outside our gate due to the good samaritan who plows the whole road with an old deuce and a half. Our driveway had over 6 feet of snow at the edge of the road.

The chains were on the front of my 4 wheel drive vehicle and I know people like to argue over where its best to put them. When putting on my chains I prefer the front. It helps with steering and seems to dig in better.

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