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I decided to do a post about homestead self-sufficiency what is it to you? So does it mean you eat your own animals for food and grow your own veggies and can them to live off them all year? I know years ago it was not so hard to do it but now each state you live in says the animals are owned by them. So that rules out providing for your family off the land or off your land unless you buy their license.

I have another thought does the homestead need to make money from what you do? for example selling your Milk, Eggs or even your veggies you have grown. I know if you have a YouTube account once you get to 10,000 views you can put ads on and make some money. It would be great to not have to go to the store for items but they are lots of things you just cannot grow. Some spices and herbs that we love we have to buy at the store. Pepper, Salt, Curry….lol yes we love Curry.

I love to hunt and fish but one deer will not keep us going for long, our family would consume a deer in a month. I will have to figure out where to get an Elk, that would sustain us for a few months and soon we will get some Cornish Cross meat birds. I cannot be a vegan and that may be something that upsets some people, but it is not in my genetic makeup to not eat meat, I love it too much and I am part of the food chain. I know that could mean I could be eaten by something at any time and that is true but I’m going to try very hard for that not to happen….LOL.

I have started an online store with Amazon and we are doing the YouTube videos but we are new and 10,000 views seem like a long way off at this point. So if anyone has some tips or knows how to get things going let me know. We want to do the off grid thing but we have run into a few snags. My retirement income does not support all the fuel we need to live all month. We need propane and we need Gas for the generator we need a lot of food for our family of five. We do not have any animals that are feeding us yet except one hen that is left that lays eggs. we have 23 small chickens but they will not be laying eggs for a couple months.

We did have a pair of pigs we planned on breeding and having lots of pork by the end of the summer, but the Gilt got out of her run while we were in town food shopping and our male LGD bit her all over and ripped a hole in her side leaving her intestines hanging out her side not what LGD’s are supposed to do. I had to put her down as she had to much damage to help her. So we are left with a 6-month-old boar. So our plans on the breeder pigs were ruined by the same animal that killed most of our chickens. I am looking for another Red Wattle gilt to put with our boar but the money is just not there right now.

So the homestead has been very hard for us these first 2 years. We live in a 5th wheel and it is not fun with the three kids. Don’t get me wrong but I love my children but Mommy and Daddy need a break once in a while. We have one son who is 17 years old and he loves to wander so if me and Leenie go to town we cannot leave him at home or he may run off. He has been pretty good for the last 6 or 7 months and has stayed home. One more thing we have trouble getting firewood and since the dumbass who owned our land before us logged it and then ran off and did not pay his mortgage. So there are no trees we can use without turning our property into open land.

I built an add-on beside the 5th wheel that we have a wood stove in but it is not insulated and tough to keep warm in the winter. The heat all goes out and does nothing for our heat inside the 5th wheel so we have to use the furnace and a small heater that runs on propane. They use a lot and we run out 3 weeks into the month and freeze. We have lots of blankets and make the kids snuggle on the couch but we do okay. This last winter was tough on us and we actually had to buy some wood. We had a couple nice red fir trees that were dead standing we cut up for firewood but this year will be a lot tougher. I hope the winter is not as bad as this last one.

I need to build a cabin and want to get a sawmill but no money and a few mistakes on my credit blows that for me. We have even bought lottery tickets hoping we may win some money, hopefully the future and the good lord will allow us to have a cabin that is warm and we can try this hard to find self sufficiency thing. I know this is a long post and has to much personal information but its all true and we are living our dream! We are going to keep pressing on and try to find what we need to build our cabin, get our cistern setup so we can pump water up the hill, get our methane generator running to help offset our propane usage. We will try to get most of it for free or buy stuff at a discount from the restore.

Happy homesteading folks!


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