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We have some friends up the mountain a bit who had their well pump stop pumping, they checked around and to have it repaired was going to be several thousand dollars. We decided to do a little trouble shooting it was getting power and had worked great through the winter.

We checked all the wiring and even found the old well drilling papers from when the well was drilled. It stated as far as could be read that the well was 250 feet deep and had 1 1/4 galvanized pipe. So my friend decided he wanted to try and do it ourselves and pull all the pipe up and try to replace the pump. We made a tripod out of poles and I brought my trusty block and tackle I use for deer and elk. We used a 3/4 galvanized pipe to connect the 3 poles together and even notched the log so the chain would not roll down the pole.

We wrapped the poles with a tie down strap just for safety and to rest the pipes on as we pull them out. We got the pump popped out of the fitting that comes out of the side and up along the main iron pipe. We made a jig to tighten on the pipe so we could pull it up but could only pull it up 4 feet at a time and then used a pipe wrench to hold the pipe while moving the gig down the pipe to pull it up another 4 feet. The first pipe ended up being 23 feet long so each pipe would need the gig move almost 4 times.

If you look close you can see the pipe going way up in the air kinda blurred by trees.

We ended up misreading the paper when it was first drilled back in 1996 and it ended up being 368 feet deep, it was hard but we just kept going and after 9 hours of pulling pipe up we finally got to the pump and pulled it out. It was a really long day and pulling that chain for almost 11 hours really kicked our butts but in the long run I learned about wells and how I can fix them and replace the pump without handing someone 3 to 4000 bills for a job that is not hard but time-consuming.

Finally the pump is out and you could tell it was shot black all over it from overheating.
Taking each pipe out we had to use two pipe wrenches.



This is when we first started pulling the main pipe was about 6 feet down the pipe.

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