The methane generator is done and we are now making a spot to put it so we can build the burner to go under it to help keep it going through the winter months. I plan on putting 5 buckets (5 gallon) of rabbit, pig and chicken poop in the generator to begin the biological process. Once the generator begins making methane I will have to feed it everyday scraps as well as more poop from our animals.

I have an old stove I converted to propane and plan on using the valve out of it and to make a small burner to heat the bottom of the generator. I will have to change the orifice back to natural gas as methane flows almost at the same rate as natural gas. If I don’t add this burner to the generator I will have a huge block of ice during our winter here in the panhandle of Idaho, plus the generator needs to stay between 80 and 100 degrees to keep the methane process going. You will have to treat this thing like it’s a live animal and feed it and take away its byproduct in gas and liquid, Methane and fertilizer. I will add pictures and videos as we set this beast up.

Im not sure at this point how much methane this will produce so we are gonna make our best effort to get it to at least power our cook stove and help reduce our propane use. The burner at the bottom should keep it warm enough with added insulation to continue the process all winter and keep us happy. I am going to give the generator a once over and make sure everything is in good shape and we won’t have any bad leaks. We should be good to go after about a week of fermenting poop….LOL

IBC tote methan generator

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