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The next fall edible mushroom is the Late Fall Olive Oysterling, Fall Oyster mushroom, Sarcomyxa serotina (Panellus serotinus), they are not very popular because most people do not have the patience to cook them properly. This mushroom grows on old dead wood and sometimes under them where you will have to bend down to see them.

If you clean them good and not worry about the greenish cap color you will love them. Slice them up and fry them with no oil in a cast iron pan, the purpose of this is to dry the moisture out in the mushroom and to tender them up. You have to keep turning them and press down with a spatula and get the juice out. Keep doing this for a loooooooong time.

Take your time and don’t let them burn just enough heat to dry the moisture out of them and don’t stop turning them and mashing them with a spatula. Once you have done this feel free to put in your butter and garlic and whatever spices you want, they are wonderful in spaghetti. Once you cook these right you will just want more and that is enough reasons to hit the woods to look for these yummy guys.

Make sure you look them up and take pictures to be sure it is what you have, I post pictures on a forum of mushrooms I am not completely sure of and I will wait for several confirmations before eating.

Remember all mushrooms can be eaten one time!

you see the slimy greenish sheen just wash it good.
Here is the same mushy growing under the log we found it.
Here they are starting to dry some but the moisture inside makes them taste bad.
Look at how the gills go to the stem and the stem is thick and get narrow closer to what it grows on.
They look yummy just sitting there, trust me their good and yummy.

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