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It was a very sad week for me and the family as our little dog Lucky went down very fast with some bug and died in my arms on Monday Aug 01, 2017. He was my bestest friend and was always there for me. We would go for rides on the 4 wheeler and he would sit on the gas tank. We did lots of Morel hunts together and lots of hiking. He was about 13 years old but seemed to still be full of life, it’s been so hard for me because I now have this huge void in my life without him. He was such a great little dog no matter what I was doing he was always right there at my side or he would come looking for me. The last year has been rough on our family I have lost a brother and a sister and Leenie has lost her dad and her grandma.

I don’t know what I’m going to do now without him, I Loved that little guy so much and it’s going to be so hard without him. I would talk to him and even sang to him all the time.

I Love you Lucky and life will not be the same without you, I hope doggie heaven is nice and I know you are not in any pain now.

RIP My best friend! Lucky Dog

My little lucky dog
Relaxing on my lap.
Had to shave all the matts off and he had to wear a sweater to keep him warm.


Lucky dog
He did not see me go down the driveway for the picture but he hurried to come be with me.
Lucky always wanted to be in my lap.

His favorite spot right by my side in my chair.
The grass was too high for him but he still wanted to be with me

Such a loyal little guy “you coming, dad?”
He was always there with me.
Can I have a taste?

Luckys grave where he liked to sit in the shade while we were in our chairs outside.


  1. Lucky was a great pet. Cute and fuzzy. I remember how much he loved to sit with dad too. Although, I’m pretty sure that all pups loved dad.
    I’m happy he had such a good impact on your life. Not many things do in this life.
    Maybe, when your ready, you can get another sweet pompom. Won’t be the same as Lucky, all dogs have different personalities, but will always be a great friend. (Or additional child) 😊 they love you unconditionally.

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