Hi, I’m Tom, I have worked for the Utah department of Corrections for 23 years. I retired as a Lieutenant and worked inside the prison the whole time. I worked maximum security to minimum security including SGT of Deathrow and Lt of the gang unit.

I have taught as an instructor at POST as well as Corrections Academy. I am a dynamic instructor as well as a general instructor. I was trained as a firearms instructor for the department and have taught a firearm instructor academy. I am also an instructor in Women Risk Needs Assesment 


I worked on cars before that which included drivability and dyno shop tuning. I worked at Precision Tune, Tunex and a Chevrolet dealer as a light line tech. I was certified in just about everything you could be on cars and trucks. ASE certified engine performance and repair.

I have always done most things for myself and really never had others do stuff for me. I have always been a can do anything man and taught myself. I met my wife Leenie online 15 years ago in Yahoo chat in the police and fireman room. We met up and the sparks just flew and we have been together ever since.



I’m Leenie, Tom’s other half. Mother of 5 kiddos, 1 being a 17-year-old Autistic boy….. A former traveler, jewelry maker and lover of life. I have lived in a few remote places in Australia and also off grid. I figured our children could benefit from this experience as I did as a child. It’s a more meaningful life when you look back on it all. So far so good. Happy, healthy, appreciative kids. 

Blogging & photography was a major passion that somehow took a back seat over the past few years. I am looking forward to getting back into both. I love the outdoors and I really love where we live now and all that this beautiful part of the country has to offer.